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Hi all.

I am [Faethon] As always, my login is Faethon12 and my password Faethon12.

My [original account] has been vandalized and its password taken. The same happened with [Faethon2]. Then a stranger (probably [Carnildo]) registered [Faethon3], [Faethon4], [Faethon5] [Faethon6], [Faethon7], [Faethon8] and [Faethon9] to prevent me register a new account. Fortunately there is always a bigger number, so I register [Faethon10] that has been abused and [Faethon11] that has been abused too by someone only admins know.

So here I am with Faethon12, hoping this account is not going to be abused. If it does, there is always [Faethon13], [Faethon14] e.t.c. (notice FaethonX's name in contributions link, it is grey meaning that is not registered yet).

Where are the admins to protect my user front page and my password? Why they keep letting abusers to vandalize my user page and abuse my account by stealing my password?.

I am asking the admins to protect me, either to change my password back in my original Faethon account, or fix my password in my Faethon12 account always to be Faethon12 and prevent other users to change it.

My Rules[edit]

[Same as Faethon11].

My Public Key[edit]

[Same as original Faethon account]