Ivan Trubetskoy

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Ivan Trubetskoy

Prince Ivan Yurievich Trubetskoy (Russian: Иван Юрьевич Трубецкой; 28 June 1667 – 27 January 1750 in Aleksandr Nevsky Monastery) was a Russian Field Marshal, promoted in 1728.[1] Son of Yuriy Trubetskoy, as a member of the House of Trubetskoy, he was a member of the inner circle of Tsar Peter I of Russia of the House of Romanov.[2] Made a boyar in 1692, Trubetskoy commanded part of the Russian fleet during the Azov campaigns in 1696.[3] In 1699, he was named governor of Novgorod.[3] Trubetskoy ordered surrender during the Battle of Narva in 1700.[3] He was captured and held prisoner in Sweden until exchanged in 1718.[1] At the moment of death he remain the last living boyar in Russia. Elisabeth made him member of the renewed Senate.[citation needed]


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